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东风vpm苹果下载 World Intermediary Liability Map

The WILMap documents laws around the world that govern Internet intermediaries and shape users’ digital rights. It provides both basic and advanced tools to search for and visualize how legislation, decisions and public policies are evolving globally.

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Key Topics

Topics currently driving the evolution of Intermediary Liability law include OSP obligations to monitor user generated content, the "right to be forgotten,” and online extremism. 

Learn how recent developments in these and other areas create pressures for content removal, affect users' rights and ability to seek and impart information, and shape how services are delivered online.


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The WILMap offers an overview of legislation, decisions or legislative proposals around the globe.

Explore our database and search for legal developments by topic, country, kind of intermediary, and more.




With the support of an amazing global team of contributors, we track the legal developments that define Internet platforms' responsibility for speech, information, and conduct of their users. 

Learn more about the project, how to contribute, and the team of experts behind it.

About the WILMap
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